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Ten years ago it was just them. Making the leap towards their life together.

Since then it’s been a full life. They never say love is easy. But it sure is a crazy beautiful thing.

Ten years today it’s still them. And their sons. And Bella always watching from above.


Jorge+Summer renewed their vows by the same beach they got married by ten years ago. A little reminder for them. Of the life they’ve experienced together. What a beautiful job it was for us to be part of this intimate moment of life. The greatest joy in being photographers.

We dream in photos.

Most of the time those dreams include animals. And then we beg our friends to be part of it.


It was during a Superbowl party when we asked her, in between booing the Seahawks and chip bites, So about your horse… You see, Jenna has been riding for years. We knew this. And ever since this happened we had been having more dreams of horses. We asked her if she’d be up for some photographs with her and her horse. Thankfully she was all in.

So meet Amigo. A little skiddish, not so into boys, doesn’t like his meals being interrupted, totally into wearing floral collars, likes to walk behind you, a big cheese ball and a friend to Jenna.

Always cheesing.

Huge special thanks to Jenna again and again for agreeing to do this. You are beautiful inside and out friend. Thank you Chaz, Jenna’s wonderful husband who helped giddy up Jenna without a harness and who captured video of us working and didn’t share it publicly ;) And to Kat Kelly. Who nonchalantly mentioned she wanted to make a floral collar for a horse. She dreams in flowers and we dream in photos. Thank you for the beautiful flower collar, Amigo enjoyed chewing on it in between takes.



When we sent Jenna all the photos she shared with us how appreciative she was that she’ll have photos of her boy even long after he’s gone.

That is what it’s about.

That is why we love photos. It’s the stories told after the photo is taken. The times shared long after. This may have started off as a simple dream but it came to be so much more.

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Neill+Emma. They’re both from the UK. Lived in towns hours away from each other, not having a clue the other existed. About seven years ago they both moved here. And then they met.

Last year they got married and now they’re expecting their first baby girl.


The beauty of our job. Meeting people we wouldn’t otherwise ever meet. Then learning their story and being able to share it. Truly the greatest gift.

Lifestyle Maternity //
Lifestyle Maternity //
Lifestyle Maternity //

Emma was so tickled about our idea with this shot it got us even more excited about it. Our kind of clients.

Ugh. Take it all in.

Lifestyle Maternity //


Confession time: through weeks of email communication, our session was the first time we met Neill+Emma. Which is super nerve racking. But then she spoke. And then he said Hello. And then we realized…they.both.had.English.accents. (obviously this was before we learned their story.) We were done. We wish these photos had a play button and you could hear them talk. Poetry.


They were put together in a group of three for English class. One day their third partner just stopped showing up.


And then there was two.


They worked together on their project. And after that was done, they put even more hours together studying for the finals.

On the day of the final she turned in her test first and waited for him outside of class. The professor looked on giving her a wink and a head tilt nudge towards the guy she was waiting for. Becky shook her head in denial. But there was no denying what was happening.

Becky knew it, Daniel knew it, even the professor knew it.

Soon after the class was done, they went on their first date.

That face. This photo. Just for you Becky.

You want your car as part of your shoot? Shoooot of course.

These two are so sweet on each other. Looking forward to their wedding next year!


Together we got lost. Lead them the long way, we hiked, we sweated, we took photos in between, we spotted an owl. We drove together through traffic signs that told us to go everywhere else but where we wanted to go. So we found a random street and a way cool alley and marched on.


Oh the adventures we had together.


All the while Justin+Heather smiled. They may have questioned us at one point but they continued to allow us to lead the way. And we honestly couldn’t have been more thankful for such open hearts.

We checked and made sure. Yes, it says CARPE DIEM.

Thank goodness for LA. It never disappoints being too cool.

Uh huh. We say let that wind flow.

The one big thing we ask from our couples is a doozy.




Oh we know that that five letter word holds so much weight and we don’t throw it around without caution. We know it needs to be deserved and earned. And we work for that. And when you let go and give it to us, there is so much that we can do together. Together. Together.



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