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David+Valarie Expecting…Again

Something had felt off. Different. Her brain was turning into a forgetful mush and she didn’t know why. So she started to blame it on the planning of her surprise vow renewal.

But still, something was definitely different.

And then it finally hit her.


She was pregnant.


Then everything that felt so off and so different, felt so right.

So what are David and Valarie having? We’ll let you figure it out…

Valarie wanted to use these photos and this blog post as sort of the official announcement of her pregnancy. (Good grief, we were nervous about that and wanted to do it right!)

So, SURPRISE! They’re expecting a girl! And they couldn’t be more excited to grow their family. Deondre seems a little unsure about becoming a big brother but if she’s anything as fun as the pink balloons, he will love her.


  • Darin Maddox - Great pics guys one day we’ll get David to rock a suit for one of tgese photo shoots.ReplyCancel

  • Darin Maddox - Great pics guys one day we’ll get David to rock a suit for one of these photo shoots.ReplyCancel

Hidden Oaks Retreat Wedding: Wes+Tricia

After reconnecting with him from high school he told us he was ready to get married. He wanted to. He just needed to find the right woman for him. And when that happens, You guys are photographing my wedding. He said it, not us. We thought about making him sign a contract right then but ordered another round instead and told him it was a deal.

And then suddenly we started to see photos of him and a girl on Instagram — news travels faster that way. Out with friends, at a concert…with Tricia, his boo, his love.

Wes had found the one.

She’s sweet. Quiet and calm. Some say the opposite from him, which always makes for the best pairing.

Wes had found the one, he asked her to marry him, she said yes, and true to his word, we photographed their wedding.

Photography: Joe+Kathrina // Venue: Hidden Oaks Retreat Center // Wedding Design: Morgan Hebb–a gem! ( // Dress: Deborah’s Bridal // Flowers: Divine Blooms and Designs // Makeup: Nina Roxanne Artistry // Photobooth: Shutter Cubby // DJ: Greenhouse DJs



While the bride is usually the and our main focus on a wedding day, sometimes we get to snatch her closest family and friends and take some photos of just them.

The perks of giving us plenty of time to make some photos.

Bridesmaids //

And of course the bride herself.

What’s that you say, oh you want photos of her and him? Sure!

All such beauties. Inside and out.


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When an old high school friend finds love and gets married.

And we get to be part of it.

All is good.